Education-Technology-Speaker-Teacher-College-156aa45I am always surprised at how fast technology has grown throughout human history. This growth is  especially acceleratng in today’s era, which full of technological revolutions. This era has made tremendous progress in the field of technology, in particular information technology, which has transformed the large world into a small global village. As a result,  all of these technological developments are reflected in many aspects of society. However, I personably believe it is reflected most in the Education system.

I am considering myself new to this world: the world of Educational Technology, as I was living in a country where there was a lack of different kinds of educational technologies. Every year, the Ministry of Education was promising us as students to improve the way of education, which includes technologies and high level of learning. However, I have graduated and I haven’t seen anything of these improvements. Until I came here, where I saw how students are efficiently utilizing the information system and technology they have been provided. Also, I amazed at how students are encouraged to develop many skills related to self-education and e-learning.

While I was browsing Youtube, I found this amazing ad done by SMART, which presents an accurate history of advancements in the technology of education, which have greatly impacted teaching and learning over time. You can’t tell how I was surprised I was to hear that many of these technologies that we use today have been in use from long time ago.


When I see how the classroom was in the past and how it is today, I usually imagine and think of how it will look in the future!! This makes me curious to see future technological schools and universities because it usually goes beyond my imagination. As we all know, in the past time classroom began with basic learning materials, starting from chalkboard, to now where we have smart boards, phones, tablets, and many other technologies, which we can see the improvements of every day.


If this is our classroom in the future, this would be an incredible classroom. A short expectation video of how classroom would be in the future. It was created by Daniel Nemroff, which was officially chosen for the 2014 White House Student Film FestivalI can’t imagine how cool it would be in terms of learning and teaching, as it would encourage students to love studying and learn more.


Of course it did; however, the question I would ask is HOW technology change learning ?!

1. Access to Resources

encyclopedia-2Nowadays, student can assess the course material online, either from the school or university website. For example, I can access any course materials (lectures, notes, assignments … etc.) I need from courselink, which is available in the university website. Also, instead of opening an encyclopedia, in a couple of minutes browsing online with Google or Wikipedia, I can find the question, answer, or information I want. Even better, there is an online encyclopedia that I can search in with no need to dig in these old huge encyclopedia books.

2. Erasing Physical Materials

flash-html-5-formatBecause of the improvement in technology, I can download assignments and share notes online, so there is no need to print papers (Save the Environment). Moreover, if I missed any lecture, or I couldn’t attend it, I can listen and watch the recorded lectures posted in the course website. In other case, if I didn’t understand any concept in class, I can find many online tutorials where I can get the concept differently.  Also, in almost all of my online courses, profs usually record the lectures, which students can access it anytime.
Now students will not miss classes if the number of students per class is limited. Students could register for online classes, which is exactly the same as in class. Furthermore, I personally never ever depend on textbooks, as my first choice is usually e-book. Usually textbooks are overpriced and huge. By buying e-books, I don’t have to spend a ton of money or carry them around everyday.

3. Change the Communication in Class

pix-2Recently, in many classes I took before and classes I will take, profs ask students to answers questions in class using an i>clicker or using cellphones to submit the answers, which in the end of the session shows the answers on his/her lecture screen. In my opinion, this is a good way of getting everybody to participate. Also, profs would do in class quizzes using these devices, which is really make it easy for us to answer and for them to mark.

Is there any effects of technology on students ?!

There is no doubt that technology has affected students, now they have a variety of sources to search and learn faster and more easily. An interesting video I saw in youtube that shows the “The Effect of Technology on Teen Education”, and  I would like to share it here. 


Educational Technology is showing that future of education is constantly developing and improving. This is affecting the students’ environment in class and their way of learning, which I think it would help increase the turnout to class and overall help the pursuit of education and learning.


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