Online Shopping and Privacy


When I was in high school, I use to see my friends shop online frequently. They made me question why they trusted those online websites. I did not trust them because my father use to warn my sibling and I from  online shopping,  and processing the credit card number in random  websites. His worries resulted from the large number of fraudulent activities that were taking place online.


Buying online has become one of the things that facilitate our lives; and this has flourished and spread largely for E-commerce in the last decade. Many of us use the Internet to purchase  books, gifts, electronics, and even pay our  bills, such as the utility (water and electricity) bill, cellphone bill, internet bill, and the many other transactions that can be done easily online via electronic payment.


I cannot deny the pleasure of shopping with friend; they help me choose what is the latest style in clothing, accessories, and even home decor. However, the attractive deals that stores have to offer are sometimes  out of our budget, and out of our reach. As a result, we usually resort to online shopping. From my point of view, shopping online is a great alternative to shopping in malls,  since it gives us the best offers without the hassle of annoying crowds, line ups, and lack of parking spots.

Statistically, a great percentage of individuals  prefer online shopping. For your information, the figure below displays those statistics as to why people love to shop online. The statistics were collected  by Ecommerce Statistics – fortune3.


Some people still do not trust these electronic services.some of them, my father, he is from the old generation where people in the past all their purchases manually, by going to stores and pay in cash. Also, it is because they hear about  credit card thefts from random online sites, or individuals stealing someone else’s credit card number, and many other well known risks such as   identity theft. Clearly, they have the right to worry since this  exists in many different unsecured websites.


There are many reasons for why many people are afraid of  purchasing stuff online. One of them is the huge number of fake online stores who steal credit card information. This is one of the biggest risks that comes with shopping online.  Many online stores are not REAL stores; they attract people with fake sales and deals in order  to access their credit card information, and use it for themselves.  I am a victim of these fake stores because I  once purchased a textbook online, and I did not even receive the textbook. Fortunately,  my bank locked my credit  card before any  further damage could be done.

Moreover, some  online stores  post pictures of a products that attract us; however, when we receive the product after purchasing it, it looks different than that picture. One time, a friend was talking to me about her experience in shopping online. She told me that products could be cheaper; however, some of them have bad quality, which usually the sellers do not mention about it in their product’s description.

Furthermore, the shipment process time can sometime take forever. Or worse the product has an additional shipping fee that  raises the overall cost of the  transaction. Therefore,  it becomes cheaper to just shop in the stores at your neighbourhood. Last semester I ordered Marketing loose leaf textbook from Pearson, I did not receive the book until the end of the semester. Lastly,  some stores do not have a returns or refund policy, which means you are stuck with their product.

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 8.56.19 PMThe graph to the right shows  statistics about people’s attitude towards online shopping. This statistic relates the shopper’s attitude towards  online shopping to their  household income.  The  orange bars show the percentage of customers who do not like to give out their credit card number, or personal information. The blue bars show the percentage of  customers who prefer to see the product before they buy it.   



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