Social Media Addiction

ImageSocial Media has become an important tool that attracted youth, children and adult, and entered them to their own world.The world of Facebook and Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and many others, where they considered it to be a place to share and exchange their views and ideas, and express themselves, regardless the difference of their cultures, languages and environments. Social media has become a part of their lives that cannot live without it, until it arrived at some point of addiction.

Social media has GROWN FAST nowadays with a surprising social media statistics.


What is Addiction?

The fact of being addicted to social media while it seems to be normal to them that could be named as Social Media Addiction. There are many habits that most of us do everyday without realizing that it leads us to point of addiction.

The Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale, Are you addicted? 

A study done by Dr. Cecilie Andraessen from the University of Bergen (UiB), Norway, which issued in the Psychological Reports in April 2012, and it is investigating the link between the person’s behaviour and Facebook and measuring Facebook addiction. In January 2011, BFAS questionnaire tested by 432 students (227 woman and 196 men) to watch their sociability, attitudes and addictive tendencies. The questionnaire below is the BFAS that tested by the student to see their level of addiction to Facebook.


Signs of Social Media Addiction 

  1. One should not spend more than half an hour on social media sites, where as they would spend more than an hour.
  2. Going back and forth through these sites whenever possible. Image
  3. The need of social affirmation, where one would want to get the acknowledgement and gain approval by over sharing privacies.
  4. Other people’s recognition of your problem.
  5. Interference with offline social life. Lower grades and job losses could be the evaluation ofthese actions. Being over reliant of these social media sites.
  6. Fast withdrawal declarations of trying to cut down on these social media sites.
  7. Obsessive thoughts of aspects for these social media sites. Overthinking posts or such.
  8. Reporting unnecessary thing
  9. Desire of more friends, and staying active for a longer period to fulfill their aspects
  10. Avoiding problems and conflicts outside social media, and going to these sites to perhaps feel better.
  11. Loosing sleep or waking up early to check the social media sites. That is a symptom of overuse to these sites.

Psychologist Dr. Micheal: Why people get so addicted to social media

Social Media and its Emotional Impact

While browsing online, I found an interesting study done by Social Times on social media and how it impact on people life emotionally. Some facts that happen to most of us, but we do not sense it. The study comes up with number of statistics that applied by random people.

  • A drivers reaction slows by 38% while texting and driving.
  • 45% of people have the worrisome feeling when these social media networks are inaccessible.
  • 66% have difficulty sleeping after the use of these social medias.
  • 64% accept friend requests of strangers.
  • 46% of woman allow strangers to have access to privacies such as their address.
  • 41% sense burglars knowing where they live.
  • Turning off these social media networks could avoid these obsessions of ones with drug addicts.

Solution to defeat addiction

After reaching the point of addiction, the user should first believe that he/she reaches this top point of addiction; otherwise, there is no benefit of this. Then, whenever control the number log in times; do not log in unless it is urgent. Also, put in mind how much time are you going to spend for the urgent propose. Moreover, do not log in unless you are free from any responsibilities; and deactivate you social media websites when you have work to do and due dates. Think of hobbies or activates to do alone or with friends instead of going online. Think of that wasting time doing nothing while you could do something useful instead.

“Believe in yourself, you know you can do it, beat that addiction.”

End up Video …

It is an interesting video that has been uploaded to Youtube 3 weeks ago and got many views and shared in most of the social media networks …


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